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I Highly Recommend You.

I just wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU. 
I was quite surprised at your knowledge around love, dating, and relationships. I’m someone who has studied dating for several years, so I can recognize when someone knows what they’re talking about and when they don’t. The 2 of you are definitely masters of this subject matter.

And you can bet I will be telling others about how awesome you are every chance I get.
Thank You Again for a wonderful experience.

Devon Brown

Compound Attraction Is A Must!

I've been endorsing these programs for years now. Great material and practical tools for any man to step up his game and start attracting higher quality women!

Emily Rose
  • The secrets of “Masculine Loving Presence and Communication” and how you SHOW UP PROVES that you are the best option for any woman (it’s something the big advertising companies have used for years!)
  • How to know if a specific Woman is the best match for you and how to properly evaluate your situation when you're "on the fence." (Most importantly, how to recover from it fast so it doesn't negatively affect your life...) You also want to reduce the collateral damage in their life as much as possible.
  • The 5 keys to keeping an EPIC woman highly attracted to you and vying for your attention and love. Quite simply, men get lazy and repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Learn to flip these 5 essential attraction switches on a daily basis!
  • The secret to having better sex while keeping it interesting with the woman your with. Just like you, a woman WILL BASICALLY DO ANYTHING IN BED WITH YOU so long as you don't "F" it up by becoming a ______________ or by saying _____________ at the wrong time! (You'll find out inside)
  • The “Top 12 Alpha Commitments” you NEED to LIVE by to become a highly desirable Alpha Man and attract a beautiful loving Unicorn Woman.
  • How to avoid the LETHAL pitfall of turning the wrong short term relationship (STR) into a Long Term Committed Relationship (LTCR) and what to do if you've already done this. — Men have made this one mistake time and time again… costing them millions upon millions of dollars and for many, many men, a LIFE OF LONELINESS AND REGRET because they FAILED to follow this one rule. (You’ll easily get your money’s worth right here!)
  • How to start becoming a more attractive man to the "RIGHT WOMEN" Learn what “Conscious Masculinity” is and why women gravitate to men who authentically portray this. Learn how to develop this attraction by shifting just a few simple things in your normal daily routine…! It’s easier than you think and has nothing to do with your looks, bank account or experience.
  • What about a Man’s Mind Women secretly yearn for and why you've been withholding it from them sabotaging relationship after relationship. There are specific reasons why Men get resistance and chaos from Women in relationships. This becomes so OBVIOUS when you can read the code she gives you to decipher.
  • Why it’s critical to treat a woman like a "Queen" and yourself like a "King.” Your success, confidence and income will increase when you start doing this from the right place. "When done right, your life unfolds beautifully… when done wrong, you look like a pompous ass."
  • Learn the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT for and the importance of Short Term Dating Relationships… How to create conversations with amazing women that are really excited to be around you.
  • The truth about Long Term Committed Relationships (LTCR) and how to know if you're even close to being ready for one. You MUST KNOW how to avoid making the #1, #2, and #3 mistakes most men make within the first 2 weeks. (Yikes is right)
  • Learn about creating "healthy" competition and find out why it's a GOOD thing for everyone… You should end up with an ABUNDANCE of High Quality Women in your life. Some friends and some more intimate. In the simplest sense, have high quality men and women in your life. You'll show up in a stronger way!

Every Man Can Get The Woman Of Their Dreams! (Seriously... here's why even you will succeed)

The simple Attraction Guide will help you QUICKLY identify your core attraction patterns and amplify them. Get this simple 40 page guide and start enjoying your love life again!
  • The secret Strategy of Preeminence and becoming the best choice for a woman. A humble and confident mentality you'll have to hone. This is a very obvious yet advanced concept that very few men understand or do properly. If you try and boost your status, attraction and value improperly, it'll stink like a silent fart... clear her out of the room and possibly your life!
  • To become the man your woman longs to have an affair with (99% of Men in relationships miss this opportunity month after month!).
  • Create an Unforgettable Conscious Masculine "Atmosphere” that makes her not only remember you, but enjoy your presence.
  • Master the 5 Major Sex Triggers... when to use each and why they help a woman become more loving, feminine and powerful. You’ve gotta know what you’re saying and doing when it comes to women and what makes you desirable to them. Women are smart and actually have really high standards. You can't be lazy like millions of men are! Being sloppy might work for some of the time, but… it’s inexcusable for the Unicorn that you may already have or want!
  • The NECESSITY of “Man Rules and Boundaries.” How owning your life, your time and what's acceptable around you will attract or repel the right woman. If you lack THIS ONE THING it will cost you time, money and loving companionship…
  • Solidify your Inner Alpha Game... the unshakable mental attitude you NEED to “pass any test a woman throws at you” (80% of becoming a highly desirable and valuable Man is MENTAL…) This is the #1 reason why most men lose the respect of women, sabotage their relationships and end up alone. [I had to recover form this myself]
  • The 3 things you should NEVER EVER EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER say to a woman… (unwitting men say these all the time…virtually “ORDERING HER TO WITHDRAW FROM YOU, CLOSE HER LEGS and WRITE YOU OFF AS A DOUCHE-BAG WHO JUST DOESN’T GET IT”). Believe it or not, you tell women exactly how to act towards you ALL THE TIME (Consciously and Unconsciously). Please get this one in check FAST!
  • How to implement the Attraction Vortex — this is critical if you want her to acknowledge everything that you bring and your epicness. Seriously, it’s not rocket science, but it's rarely done properly by men from the right place.

Quality Concepts That Work!

I've found the love of my life and will never look back... The power of properly built character and attraction are unstoppable! Thanks guys

Unicorn Brooke
  • Become a Master Manifestor. Create your ideal woman, living situation and lifestyle. This goes way beyond just being interesting, honorable, charming and attractive. (It’s technically the process for creating an authentic energetic foundation and attraction field from deep within you that less than .01% of the population knows how to do effectively.)
  • Eliminate the 3 critical mental blocks and “LITTLE BOY TRIGGERS” you must overcome "on-the-fly" The ones that make you jealous... or fearful... or passive aggressive. Overcome them on the spot. (Your trust-ability factor and happiness depend on you being fluidly cool and consciously masculine in uncomfortable confronting situations!)
  • Master Your Internal Game - Confidence, Self-Image and Self-Talk for consistent reliable success. Communicate with your self in a more effective and productive way.
  • Learn about building your “Sex, Freedom and Praise Account.” Did you know that you had one? Don't be over-drafted in it like most men routinely become… If you deplete this account, a woman will have no choice but to "blatantly" ignore your once fantastic sex life!
~ $497 Value ~
This is a 60 Minute Masterclass Audio on 
Napoleon Hill's 3 Pillars of Attraction

Epic Tips... Simple Tools!

This helped me dial in my business and love life with the same principles! 


I met my wife with this!

We're Gary and Cindy... I attracted the woman of my dreams and never thought it would be as easy as it was. The shifts were small, but the RESULTS WERE HUGE! Thanks guys

Gary & Cyndi
  • CREATE “MAN RULES” for your life that are Non-Negotiable like… (I am a Man of my word, I play poker with the Men every Tuesday at 6:00pm, I never engage a woman's ego in competition, argue or put her down)
  • LIVE A HIGH QUALITY EMPOWERED LIFE by… Following a daily schedule, Caring for your body (exercise, clean food & positive thought), always speak highly of yourself and others
  • ENGAGE IN PHYSICAL COMPETITION with other men to build your Masculine edge at least once per week (Women notice it in you)
  • DON’T OVER FLATTER, yet feed your woman “Good Bullshit” such as… (Your ass looks great in those shorts, How is it you keep getting cuter every time I see you?, Your hair looks beautiful, Your Eyes are beautiful) Remember your Masculine Nature and Authentic Words are a Woman's Aphrodisiac
  • NEVER TRY AND “WOO THE PUSSY”… for example engage her mind, build trust and create quality time to connect with her!
  • STOP BEING OVERLY AVAILABLE AND CODEPENDENT… have your own life, have other women friends in your life and be competitively desirable.
  • REALIZE THAT FROM DAY ONE, everything she throws at you is “just a test” to see if you’re a douche bag that’s unsafe and untrustable… so handle yourself accordingly, never take it personally and stay calm.
  • Be SPONTANEOUS, FUN and OUT OF THE BOX! Everyone loves adventure and surprises… especially women!
  • NEVER, EVER, TELL HER NOT TO DATE OTHER PEOPLE, or not to go out with her guy friends… in fact encourage it. If your on your game and secure in who you are, she’ll be that much more attracted to you. (Honor her space and natural womanly nature to be safe, secure….. and FREE) You’ll see ENORMOUS DIVIDENDS AND RETURNS…
  • HAVE A CLEAR DISCIPLINE AROUND YOUR CAREER, making money and having the ability to provide safety, security and adventure.
  • NEVER BE JEALOUS, INSECURE, NEEDY OR FEARFUL OF HER LEAVING YOU or CHEATING ON YOU… if you do, “bring it to your team of men”! *** There’s no need to feel inadequate. Plus when you toil in these emotions… you create more of them.
  • NEVER HOLD A WOMAN ACCOUNTABLE LIKE YOU WOULD A MAN. SHE ALWAYS GETS THE FREE PASS! (If they’re late, mess something up, don’t do something, say something today and not do it tomorrow… IT MUST BE 100% OK and forgotten about)
  • NEVER… NEVER… NEVER TREAT A WOMAN LIKE A MAN. Men accidentally do this all the time. It’s the Kiss of Death to a relationship with a woman… (Find out why inside)
  • STOP TRYING TO “RUN THE RELATIONSHIP” You’re a man and you have limited relationship skills. She’s by natural design, a relationship Master. Let her do what she does best, you’ll only feminize yourself and fuck it up… TRUST ME!
  • ALWAYS CREATE POLARITY… She doesn’t want you to be another girlfriend. Don’t be that “overly soft, sensitive & mushy man friend.” She doesn’t want to hear you wimper and carry on about every one of your challenges.
  • LEAD OTHER MEN IN YOUR LIFE… even if it’s a small team of friends. Lead them in something, teach them and help them become their best! (practice the Art of Masculine Leadership)
  • And lastly, don’t forget for a second that women are way different than you are. A certain skill set is necessary to communicate and care for them. (Find out exactly how this dynamic works inside the membership area and join us today!)…
~ $497 Value ~
This is a 60 Minute Masterclass Audio Utilizing 
Napoleon Hill's 3 Pillars of Attraction
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